Food has always been a passion of mine. Please join me as I hit spots around the world in search of great meals.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Few Different Meals

The above two pictures are of a place John "The General" Lee took myself, Camille and friends to. I liked some of the plates and some of them just missed to me. Take for example the top dish. These little sausages were not too greasy and had just the right touch of kick to them. Yet, they were paired with a small garnish of onions that were cryslitized and the mix was perfect.

The second picture was of their mac and cheese....well I have to say that this dish just missed. I'm not sure what they were going for but I felt the dish to be too dry and too many diff. cheeses were mixed together and they didn't blend very well.

The above pictures are from my dinner with the one man writing machine,
Pauly Drama at The Palm. For this dinner we had Pauly Drama, Derek, F-Train and myself. In other words, all A-Listers...nuff said. What can I say, this was suppose to be a celebration, Bitches! Yet, we would later find out the bad news or good news depending on how you look at can read the story, Monday, April 16, 2007. I wasn't a bit shocked that Pauly Drama would turn this job down once they tried to control him. I thought of all our conversatons and Pauly Drama is a guy of Karma and Convictions...after all, Pauly Drama is a boy from the Bronx and embodies much of the Bronx. In other words, as we to say back home: They Don't Give a Mad Fu#%! Thus, don't try and control those boys. Nuff said. In any case, a toast to you Pauly Drama for keeping your pride and principal and not selling it out. Oh, and for the record, we all ordered the Filet Mignon....haha!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More NYC Food

This first picture is of Nathan's Hot Dog stand at the airport. I figured that I would a photo before I left to Vegas in case someone said that they are more man than Kobiashi..I think that is like 52 dogs there which I think is his record...probably more by now.

The above three pictures are of Smith and Wollensky's in Washington D.C. I have to be honest, I have never been a big fan of the place...for some reason they aren't up to par with the Palm in my book. But it was an o.k. meal for a dinner at 11:00pm

This last picture is of ribs. Yep, ribs from the Atlanta. They were good but I wasn't running away saying...these are the best damn ribs I have even had. I was there for the NCAA Final Four to see my team, UCLA get spanked. But the food in the south is good so that made the loss that much more barable.

Random Photos

This is some food from Tom's Diner around the corner from my place. I figured it is a NYC joint that everyone must visit.

This second picture of a downtown Mexican cart that many people rave about. Myself I wasn't very impressed to be honest. Yet, it seems like people really like this place. Not trying to brag or anything...but I think i can outdue these guys with my eyes closed.

These are some good oysters from the oyster bar in Grand Central on the ground floor. It is an old joint that many people don't know about but they have an extensive list of daily fish and oysters and they have the best Clam Chowder in the city hands down. So if you ever have the chance I suggest you pop in here.

This is pizza from John's pizzeria by Times Square. I really like this place because of the motif in the joint. It use to be a church and they put a few coal burning stoves in there and walla!!! pizza joint. No, but they have good pizza here if you ever have time to stop in. The only draw back is that they often get the Broadway show people so that can make the wait rather long...just a heads up.