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Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Photos

This is a simple dish that I make. Mash infused with garlic and peppered pork chop that I just gently sit over the mash in the center of the plate. I then make sure and spread over the plate some cooked onions. I didn't take a picture of it but I do tend to sprinkle this with a fresh cranberry sauce I make.

Simple dish. I cook a lot of bacon and eat some and set the rest aside. Then I crumble up the bacon for my my bacon bits. I just get a head of lettuce and cut it into fourths...makes my salad for four days.

These are garlic, orange and tequila shrimp. The center is some couscous with cheese cubes worked into it. Nice basic little snack for the mid-day.

Depending on what you like in the city you have to travel to different places to get your favorite desert. Yet, for the most bang for the buck I think Carnegie Deli is the way to go. Above are their carrot cake and also cheese cake...had these when the boys from the UK came into town.

These are a few plates of food from Carmines on 92nd. I took the boys there when they came to visit from the UK. The food was good and the portions were too big for us to finish. It was a good meal with good friends from across the pond.

Decided to take the mates to a place where they could have some entertainment. Thus, I took them to Brother Jimmy's. It was a good time and they enjoyed the view. I do enjoy the ribs here....we were too stuffed to walk after.

Chun and Sir Richard the 4th eating their first meal in NYC. Pizza...what else.

People. Only good Tequila will be suffice in The Rooster's world.


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