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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Food In Atlanta

Visiting the South is always fun for me, but visiting Anita in the South is that much better. Serious, I can’t see how she makes it here. The people are nice and all, but the Northeast it isn’t and Anita without a doubt is a Northeastern individual.

But since this is a blog about food, I will get on the food tip. Needless to say, or shall I say, surprisingly, one thing that you can find in Atlanta is good Indian and Mexican food. Indians have a diverse community here with many inhabitants from the South India. So much of the food is vegetarian, but there are a lot of meat platters to choose from. The Mexican food is great here and the best place to get it is Buford Highway, people here laugh when I tell them that I love Buford Highway...guess it’s the impoverished part of town.

My first night here in Atlanta was fun. Anita told me that she had found a new Indian restaurant named, Madras Sarava Bhavan. I thought that the place was lacking in traditional Indian interior, but the place was packed with different ethnic groups (I found this to be kind of neat). I was a bit hesitant even if I was with an Indian born Indian. Serious, sometimes Anita just wants to eat Vegetarian and no meat. Myself, I’m like, can you please bring me all the meat possible. Yet, it was good Friday so no meat for the kid. So it was going to be a non-meat meal.

I noticed that Madras took great pride in their Dosa plates. Yet, I thought that eating something spicy was the way to go. You know, eating some lentils with heat to them is something like eating beans; I could do that with a smile and no meat. The meal was yummy. Not to mention, they had this plate that was rice which was mashed with tons of melted butter. I can’t remember the name, but it delicious. Oh, I forgot to mention that my plate came with rice with tons of spices which was awesome.

This is just a short entry. But serious, if you are ever in Atlanta I suggest you visit some of their Indian restaurants and also some of their Mexican places on Buford Highway.