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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Casa Mono

I always laugh when I walk into a Tapas bar and people aren’t sitting at the bar. Serious, when you sit at a Tapas bar you are suppose to be standing up and walking around to different friends at different stools. Of course taking time to nibble at what ever small plate they have in front of them.

So I was pleased when Jenn and I were seated at the bar stools of Casa Mono. It had been some time since I had been to Casa Mono, last time I was there was with John “The General” Lee. This time I went with a foodie friend of mine, Jenn. I thought I had my ear to the streets of NYC by visiting different publications and also hanging with The General...but this little girl knows her locations. In any case, here is Jenn looking for new places in Zagats:

In any case, I walk in a take a seat at the bar and Jenn does the ordering and goes on to order the following:

Pan Con Tomate
Mussels with Cava and Chorizo
Duck with Capers

2 White Wines:
Agro de Bazan Granbazan Ambar 2006 Rias Baixas Albarino
Ladairo Monterrei 2006 Godello

The meal was delicious and the wine was a great complement.

The Pan Con Tomate was great for the tomato was more of a puree spread across the bread with just the right amount of soft olive oil to complement (sorry for the bad picture).

The Mussels with Cava and Chorizo was tasty. This is where I blew it. They served a side of bread and I forgot to dip the bread in the juices left behind by the mussels. I love doing that and given that there was Chorizo in those juices...muuuuah! I blew it!! Jenn suggested I have the busboy get the plate back for us but it was too little too late.

The Duck with Capers had to be the highlight of the meal. Why? Well the duck was cooked perfectly. Although duck tends to render a lot of fatty juices and it is a greasy piece of meat...this was not oily, moist, and had nice warmth to other words, it wasn’t piping hot which might have killed the natural organic taste to it.

The wines were a good complement for I feel that if red wine was drank with these plates that it would have overpowered the plates. The white wines were fruitier with not too much oak barrel residual to them. I do think that the oak taste would have killed the delicate ducks flavor.

In closing, good food, good wine, and of course good conversations about if God is a myth? Life doesn't get any better than this.


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