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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Funny How Places Change

I took this from my city blog because it had to do with one of my favorite places to eat. I'm sure this has happend to some of you in the food-blog-esphere.

Dinner was great once again, but now we can’t get the Chef’s Special at this place because it has become too damn popular. I don’t know, The General said that if he calls in advance Uki could hook it up for us. I guess the one thing that really makes me sad is that this place is losing its flava. People are starting to find out about the place so they are flocking there and taking away from it’s mom and pop charm. Serious, now the place doesn’t seem like home anymore. I know, I know, how many Sushi places do you go to where you do feel like you are at home. Well this place was able to do that for me. Sure the price of the Sushi is still very inexpensive for the good…nay, the great quality, but I feel rushed there now.

It hurts me to say this because I know this is The General’s sushi spot. He’s followed Uki from uptown to downtown for his sushi. Yet, I think The General even has to concede that we are no longer the special customers we were.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random Notes

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dinner with Anita and Neera in Atlanta

Las Mujeres

Well as if sharing company and dinner with the two hottest Desi girls in Atlanta wasn’t enough; I got to eat for free. YES! As most of you know I’m a cheap Mexican who goes by the motto: If it’s free it tastes better.

After Anita picked me up from the MARTA station (note: she was on time for the first time in my two years visiting her) we headed straight for the hip neighborhood of The Highlands. I have visited here once before but it was for dinner at some Noodle place and the spots around the area were jumping. I guess this is the bar area for the local colleges and on Saturday nights the place is jammed packed with lots of live music. Think Austin, Tx. but a scaled down version.

So we decided to eat at Atkins Park, which plays with various takes of Southern Cuisine. According to Anita, they are very much known for their fried chicken. Right away I think fried chicken is the way to go until I see they have jambalaya. Ouch! This is going to be a tough decision since I have been longing for some jambalaya. Of course Anita knows this and as I sit in the tank she pokes at me and asks...which one is it going to be? Wait...jambalaya is on their old menu...the new one doesn't have it, so fried chicken is the only way to go.

Me: Southern Friend Chicken with Fresh Green Beans.
Anita: Georgia Mountain Trout with Mashed potatoes
Neera: Regular Salad with dressing (more on this in a bit)

First, I’m in the South so I figure big portions. Now you all know I can get my grub on…but these portions were just huge!!! Serious, no wonder the South has so many damn overweight people. O.K. so Atlanta isn’t as bad as South Carolina. In any case, the food was really good. I often think when portions are big that the place is just trying to hide mediocre taste with an abundance of food. But I seriously really enjoyed this meal. The chicken was nice and tender with the inside being white and moist as hell with no trace of fat or nerves. Just smooth all the way through, can you say: Sweet!! Not to mention the green beans seemed like they were growing them outback. Nice and green and not cooked too long, they still had a bit of crunch to them.

I took a bite of Anita’s fish and that was good also. For some reason when I’m nowhere near a body of water I always get scared of things dealing with seafood or fish in general. The glaze was a good balance on the fish and it wasn’t so sugary that it killed the taste of the fish. Also, the mash potatoes that came with the order were delicious. I think they infused them with some cheese to be honest…couldn’t get the taste down.

Neera’s salad was a salad. I guess she had been eating junk food all day long and didn’t have much space for food. She did take a bit of Anita’s plate. But one question…if you know you are going to a good-bye dinner with friend and a dinner with your new best friend, Joaquin…why would you eat junk food all day? Nuff said.

The conversation flowed and hit some snags but it was pleasant. This was the first time that Neera and I ate at the same table so that was a bit different. As you all know, once I get going on something I can’t stop. Needless to say by the end of dinner Neera got the dubious title of being my best friend. Anita has become use to this over the years and just let everything I said roll off her back.

In any case, it was a fun time and I think the place can work on ambiance a bit and better bus boys. I tell you, let my people out from the kitchen and let them work the tables. We had this busboy that was from hell I tell you. I almost didn’t pay for the food (O.K. Anita had a gift certificate) that piece of Chite was so rude. But it was a good meal and the girls were Sweet as my ice tea.

In closing, I wanted to thank the greatest Indian in the world, Anita for picking up the bill. Thanks kid!!! And also send a shout to my new best friend, Neera for joining.