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Monday, March 12, 2007

Mexican in North Carolina

I went to go visit the Walsh family in Huntersvill N.C. two weeks ago. It gave me space to get out of the city and also time to reflect on my time in the city. Not to mention I got to hang with Frank and his family. Of course I was excited to hit the Southland because I figured barbeque would be on the list of very important things to eat. Yet, of all things that I found down in N.C. was some of best Mexican food East of the Mississippi. Yep, you heard correctly, some of the best Mexican food I've tasted in some time can be found in Huntersville, N.C. Go F'en Figure.

I was with the Korean Mexican Food Expert, John "The General" Lee who is a pretty harsh judge when it comes to Mexican food...I think Pinky might top him but that debate is for another post. The General thought that a 8 to 8.5 is what he would score the tacos we ate. Myself, I would have to give them about the same but I would say a solid 8.5. I can see The General's points as to why these might be an 8 but I was just excited to be eating fresh corn tortillas from the press.

Although we only ate tacos we did eat some of their rice on the side and that was the real deal. We also got to taste their beans which they put in some of their tacos depending on your order and those were the real deal also. I'm getting wood just writing about it. Serious, the stuff was the real deal and they sold it out of these little carts on the side of the road...yummy!!!

I didn't get the address or anything but they are located in front of the only two little Mexican stores in Huntersville. I suggest you try both places since they are only about 100 yards away from one another.

In closing, stop by and try a few tacos if you are in that neck of the woods. I think they mainly cater to the local Mexican population but I'm soon enough everyone will get a taste and start stopping by. Oh, and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The Doggie's name is Dallas and named after none other than the Dallas yes, I love this dog for that reason alone. The other is a picture of Frank's backyard, yes, people outside the city have room.