Food has always been a passion of mine. Please join me as I hit spots around the world in search of great meals.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter

I just completed the new Harry Potter Book which I downloaded from online. You thought the Sopranos ending was odd…Poor Harry and Hermione die. What was the writer thinking?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Food Pictures

Adri drinking a Jarrito!!! Ok she just took the time to pose for the picture...but she was acting silly so I took this quick picture.

This was the green tea shake that I had for lunch in Chinatown!! I like this stuff and if you ever have the chance to scoop one of these up I suggest you do as such. I think if you peak in the back you can see Adri again.

I'm not sure about this and how to explain it. Let me just say this, that if you ever go to a place and order a Guinness and they bring it to you in a plastic cup...well need I say more. That is right, I found a place that serves the Black Gold in a plastic cup. Pure humor and sin.

This was just a little drink that I got in Chicago. What can I say, I was a drinking a Blue Moon. I know, I know, a girlie beer. But for the record I did have one of those Goose Beers that are ever so popular in Chicago. Sure do wish we could get The Goose down here in NYC.

Louie's Pub...that's right people..this is where friends meet in Chicago. They had this awesome bartender who made sure to let me know that it gets rocking here at 9pm Joaquin. Sure enough, stop by at 10:00 and the sing along machine is pumping with some girl singing a song with her friends cheering her on...she got so into character that she slid along the floor on her knees. I wasn't really sure what to say except to look at the next to me and give the hollyshit look.

This was a little Mexican food in Chicago late night.

Dr. Browns. Because that is what Daddy drinks when he crushes.

Of course it is summer in NYC and what better way to spend it then with Claire and the crew out in the park. Claire always throws great parties in the park and they happen about once every month or every three weeks. If you are interested in attending let me know and I will send you an invite. I might as well warn you that when it comes to the football game I was voted the MVP last time....cough!cough! and nuff said...The Rooster has spoken on the field. Yes, the girls are making me some food because I'm the MVP...cough!cough! Thank you, Mari.

The above pictures were taken in Wicker Park, Chicago. I was just cruising along when I found this place and I was so excited! Serious, I use to eat this stuff every single day growing up. My grandmother use to serve us that with some good Abuelita Chocolate milk and it was on. Wow...just looking at these pictures gives me goose bumps.

Two of finest beers you will find coming out of Texas. One question, why were they serving these in Chicago? Who knows and who cares is what I say, I had one of each with my burger.

These two pictures were taken from the best Mexican food in NYC, MOLE. It is located in Allen and Houston. If you have the chance to check this place out I highly suggest you do as such. You will find it to your liking to say the least. Good times and good people there...make sure and ask for Nick the owner. They are new to the scene but they are turning out some of the best Mexican food in the city hands down.

This was a great drink that I had at a secret location here in NYC. You have to know somebody to get in and ask around the city about this place and not many people know about it. Yet, if you tip well and treat everyone there with respect you always get a good seat. Nuff said. So yes, The Rooster always has a seat there.

Just some quick food from a little place on the Upper West Side of town.

This last picture is of the Woody Allen...nuff said. If you can crush this thing you are the man/woman. Not even Daddy could crush this thing.