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Monday, January 08, 2007

Gracias Mami y Papi

I wasn't around my sister's home for x-mas this year. I decided to take a little trip and get away to clear my head for a bit. Like the loving parents I have they didn't raise a fuss about it. Yet, I can't lie, I was brought to tears when I got these in the mail and I knew I wasn't going to share them with my family.

You see these are a very special gift in my families home. Not sure if any of you have made Tamales from scratch but if you have then you know the difficulty is prepairing these things. And when I say my Mami does them from scratch I mean from scratch. She is getting older now and the family is shrinking so there isn't a need for as many as before and it is hard on her body. Yet, year after year she does them at least twice a year. Mami, munchas gracias mi amor.

In sum, these are greater than any gift, greater than any meal and something that is given from deep in my Mami and Papa's corazon. For that there is no price that can be put on these Tamles. I made the salsa but I made it in the style that my Mami makes it to bring a taste from home back.

Here are the photos.