Food has always been a passion of mine. Please join me as I hit spots around the world in search of great meals.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pablo Drama Does Picante

Many of my visitors haven't really been introduced to Pauly Hollywood properly. I once made a meal in his honor out of the stuff I could get at the local bodega: Chili, hot dogs, buns and red stripe beer.

In any case, Pauly Drama (same guy as Pauly Hollywood sometimes he lives on the West Coast and sometimes the East Coast so he gets two names...oh, some people know him as Dr. Pauly) the blogger, friend, and now boyfriend of CienCambio travel the world for work and get to eat at all these great places. I think they pay like 50.00 dollars for a cheese burger in Monte Carlo.

Pauly is somewhat of a closet foodie and he sends me cool pictures of food or you can go and check out his food adventures: HERE.

So Pauly sent me this picture to my cell phone and it brought back all these memories as a kid. We use to put this on plain tostada shells and eat it like beans or meat...just the hot sauce.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Food Pics.

Here are a bunch of random pictures I have taken of food around the city. Sorry that I didn't really do a write up on each place. These were just fun food pictures I took. Do hope that you enjoy.

The Rooster