Food has always been a passion of mine. Please join me as I hit spots around the world in search of great meals.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holiday Food

It has been a while since I have posted here. I tend just to place pictures on this blog for your eyes. And to be honest, I see no reason to stop that trend. With that being said, I present you with some pictures.

Some noodles that I was making. You don't see the slices of pork or egg that I like to put into these noodles. You have to spice the noodles up a bit. Oh, and hot sauce is a must.

Spanish Salami and Spanish Cheese. This is just a good little snack that I enjoy making when I'm not too hungry but hungry.

Korean dinner last week.

Eggs Benedict. I got these from a little French Bistro down in NoLita. Good grub and they serve fritters with them.

This little Sushi joint that Uncle Joe enjoys visiting. He brought me here as my going away meal.

I got to eat some Menudo when I was in Cambria. It was a tasty plate that I had for a late lunch. Then I went and tried to eat dinner and that didn't go so well...was still very full from the Menudo.

Oh, this was another meal over in Cambria: Crab Benedict.

One morning I cooked some Chorizo and Eggs for Uncle Joe. I made him some burritos de Chorizo while he read his paper and drank coffee. Uncle Joe now wears reading glasses and yells at the paper and the stupid things people do. Yes, he is getting old...haha!

This is just another breakfast at Casa de Elias y Rosie (those are my folks). Good stuff I tell you.


The spread.

The Rooster masando for his Mommy who gets tired doing this job. On that note, I love cooking with my Mom and Dad. It is when I feel really close to them and they watch over me and instruct me what to do and what not to do. My Mother tends to be a little more free spirited when cooking. My father tends to run a tighter ship when it comes to procedure.

This is the carne for the tamales. This recipe has been passed down for four generations of my family. I'm sure my sister's daughter will get it passed to her. But on this day it was The Rooster who was running the show. Holla!

Another special from Case De Elias y Rosie. Breakfast rocks at my folks place.

This is my Dad's famous recipe. I just continue to pester him until he lets me help. He's really particular about the meat being cooked just right and when to add the chile.

My Dad wasn't satisfied with the Chile so I had to boil some on the quick for him.

The Rooster's famous chilaquiles. Nuff said.

Beans...why? Because Beaners eat Beans...haha! I always loved that line.

The Rooster is making it law that everyone have one of these. You can make Nachos at all hours with this thing. I loved it. I'm not sure why my mother purchased it...but this machine was amazing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Photos

This is a simple dish that I make. Mash infused with garlic and peppered pork chop that I just gently sit over the mash in the center of the plate. I then make sure and spread over the plate some cooked onions. I didn't take a picture of it but I do tend to sprinkle this with a fresh cranberry sauce I make.

Simple dish. I cook a lot of bacon and eat some and set the rest aside. Then I crumble up the bacon for my my bacon bits. I just get a head of lettuce and cut it into fourths...makes my salad for four days.

These are garlic, orange and tequila shrimp. The center is some couscous with cheese cubes worked into it. Nice basic little snack for the mid-day.

Depending on what you like in the city you have to travel to different places to get your favorite desert. Yet, for the most bang for the buck I think Carnegie Deli is the way to go. Above are their carrot cake and also cheese cake...had these when the boys from the UK came into town.

These are a few plates of food from Carmines on 92nd. I took the boys there when they came to visit from the UK. The food was good and the portions were too big for us to finish. It was a good meal with good friends from across the pond.

Decided to take the mates to a place where they could have some entertainment. Thus, I took them to Brother Jimmy's. It was a good time and they enjoyed the view. I do enjoy the ribs here....we were too stuffed to walk after.

Chun and Sir Richard the 4th eating their first meal in NYC. Pizza...what else.

People. Only good Tequila will be suffice in The Rooster's world.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tis Been A Long-Long While

I'm not sure where to start here. Serious, I have been high and low when it comes to places to eat. Jenn and I almost polished off a few lists that we had. For instance, the Sushi list:

15 East
Kanoyama is the only one we didn't get to.

The list goes on and on and I can't tell you all the wine bars and such. But I thought I would get you caught up on some food things that have happened since my last post. Well here it is in pictures.

The above pictures are of some street food over on 14th Street that takes place in front of Our Virgin de Guadalupe Church. It is great food and the price is right. I really liked the tamales I had there and they are the read deal if you ask me.

This was a unique dish I had at a new Southern Joint that opened up in Brooklyn. On my way to Taxi Beach there was this little stop that had blues music and also food. I can't remember the name any case, this was a cheese cake with shrimp. It was odd but it didn't taste bad.

KB took care of this bottle at Japas for John "The General" Lee's going away party. I like that they only charged us like 80.00 bucks for this bottle and all the sides we wanted. Can't go wrong if you ask me...good times and sad to see my buddy go to London but it had to be.

The above is just a little meal I made for myself. Nothing too big...wink! Yes, that is just how I do.

My buddy from Paris eating a good old American favorite: Cheese, crackers and chili. Welcome to America.

Welcome to Philly. It had been ages since I had seen one of these places and when I traveled to Philly and seen one...well I had to take a picture.

This was this really cool milk shake machine they had at the WAWA in Philly. Serious, I love my milkshakes and this machine made them there on the spot. You had to just pick out the flavor you wanted and put it on the machine and presto. I loved this machine and want one for my apt.

I forgot what this was called. But it is native to Philly and this stuff has to be the best stuff to ever be served at a diner...hands down my favorite meal of the Philly trip. Yes, this was a meal unto itself. This should be served at every diner in America...period!

I often go get my coffee with Zucco. This has to be the best stuff in the world if you ask me. He makes the best latte's in the world. Thank you, Zucco.

The above meal in China Town cost me three dollars. Yes, that did include the coke. I mean is this a deal or is this a deal? I love going to my little dumpling place down in Chinatown. The best deals on food can be gotten in Chinatown...hands down.

Just a cold brew as I watched some soccer.

Just my sausage, egg and cheese that I make at home for breakfast. Good stuff. Can never-ever go wrong with one of these in the morning.

Just another little meal I made at home for Uncle Joe's arrival in tot he big city.

Big Nick's....nuff said.