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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dinner a la Pauly Drama!

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I was thinking of cooking a big meal like Biggles or Vampy would do. Yet, the reality is that I didn't have much time on my hands so I thought I would do something new. I would dedicate a meal to a fellow blogger and who better than PaulyDrama (yes, if you click on either of those names you will get two different blogs and you should visit them both). I digress. I was at the bodega and hungry and it came to mind, WWPDE (What Would Pauly Drama Eat). Not the Pauly Drama that has been running in LA because that Pauly Drama eats good healthy food and tofu burgers. Not the poker player Pauly Drama because that Pauly Drama eats at all the top places the casinos have to offer. No, I wanted old school Pauly Drama and this is what I came up with.

This is what we call neighborhood food where I grew up and I think Pauly Drama will enjoy this meal I made in his honor. First, the franks all Ball Park...yes, those are the real think folks. No skimping here although I can see using some generic dogs as more authentic meal. Yet, you can never skim on the chili. Only hormel here, buddy. The cheese is just a regular generic processed American cheese.

There are some tricks to this meal that need to be spoken about. One thing is that you know the cheese isn't really going to melt. You have to apply some serious heat to this cheap ass cheese so the best thing to do is to heat up the chili as hot as possible and hope that some of it spills over to the cheese because the hotdog will protect some of the cheese from garnering some of the heat to all the cheese to melt.

The kicker to this meal is the Red Stripe. Yep, this is the stuff the goes down smooth and has its own unique taste. I really do like this beer because it has a crisp clean taste to it. The brothers from the Island know how to do beer also.

In closing, if you are locked in the apartment and need a quick meal and can only shop at the corner bodega may I suggest this meal. Enjoy and remember the food from the neighborhood bodega is keeping real.


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