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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

K-Town, Futbol, and Dessert

I had a good time in Corea (some of you know it as Korea). I took some photos of the food there but I was also there to witness a world cup game and how they get down in the K-Town. Let me tell you, it was an experience to say the least. Enjoy the photos, yo. Oh, look at how crazy the fans are and this was all over a tie with France. Could you imagine if they were to have won.

Oh, for my food. The plates you see are a variety of dishes that were served. The many little plates are brought to you before you start your meal. They can vary on what they consist of but there is always some kimchi in one of them. The soup was my main dish. Most of the Korean soups are also main was a heavy soup but very tasty. The desert you see is shaved ice with beans ontop. I know, I know, sounds really odd, but the beans were sweet in a way. Then they add some mixed fruit and a scoop of Ice Cream. John "The General" Lee informed me that growing up it was only the shaved ice and beans...they have gotten rather fancy with the dish over the years.

* These pictures were really taken in Korea Town here in NYC. I can't lie to my one reader, thanks Mom for reading.


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