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Monday, June 19, 2006

Comida de Mexico

I'm really particular about who I list on my food blog as a link. But my boy Biggles has been asking for a post. I wanted to give a huge food post about Mexico but I think sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. So here you go and enjoy!!! I did add some notes.


This picture was taken by Danny at Tuffy's place who owned the place and is a good friend of Danny's. The Tequila bottle was complements of the house and of course the food was delicious. My battery to the camera went dead or else I would have shown you a picture of my fish dinner...yummy!





The three pictures above were pictures from La Casa de Pastor. Which is a new place that just opened up in Polanco. The food was good and if you look at the taco there is a piece of pineapple on it to offset the spicy flavor...nice combo.


I needed to take a picture of Mexican pan that was just out of the oven. Yummy...I had one of the little horns that were on the inside and there is nothing like fresh bread...I miss El Nopal which is my home bakery in Watsonville, Ca.



The next two pictures are of some steak we had in D.F. at an Argentine place. I forget the name at this point in time. It was a great dinner with great people and conversation. Too many topics were covered and in true Mexican fashion, we at here about 10:30 PM or so.



The above two pictures were the highlight of my food experience in Mexico to be honest. This is your real Mexican lunch/dinner. If you see there are little red tequila shot glasses...of course tequila in Mexico is sipped during dinner. My Dad would have been happy as heck at this comida. This reminded me of home when we just put a lot of little things together. I would love to thank the family who had us over for this dinner. I can't mention their names because they didn't give me the o.k. to do such, but thank you for the lunch, Frenchie!!!! Yes, it was a French man who put this lunch together for us...but in all honesty, he is really Mexican even if he doesn't know it yet.


This was my first meal upon my arrival to Guadalajara. A two dollar torta de pollo. This was at a bus stop and it was delicious, man. Nuff said.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Tequila??? I LOVE BOOZE.

I wanna go too. I think I'd like Mexico. All the fresh fruits and junk. And street vendor foods, oh man. Only recently have we had tomale and shaved ice vendors in our neighborhood. Speaking of which, I haven't seen our tamale girl in a while.
What post is next?

1:20 PM

Blogger Huge Junk said...

Cazadores is some good shit!

My favorite sipping tequila would be either 1800 Millenium edition by Cuervo, which was very un-cuervo like, or Herradura Anejo.

I should note that I believe that most Cuervo sucks, but this particular special creation was great, at least in my mind.

Color me jealous over your great dinners. My latest visit back home took me to a place that was supposed to have pretty good food. If it wasn't them being out of crab it was them not having more than one bottle of wine we ordered causing us to switch, or it was refusing to do seperate checks or even help us figure out the split. Fuckers.

3:58 PM


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