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Monday, June 19, 2006

Mas Comida Por Favor

The demands for more pictures from my friends have come, thus, here are more food pictures from Mexico.

The above picture was taken at Tacos Aribe. Basically guys who dress like Arabians serve you tacos. Very interesting concept and they are on the side of the road in a tent. The place is packed and everyone is eating their times considering everyone is sluring when they put in their order.


The above pictures are very special pictures and probably two of the more important ones of the trip. We took a trip to Tequila when we were in Guadalajara. Since we were with the biggest club promoter of Guadalajara we were given a special tour. The pictures above are of a special place where they store Reserva de la Familia. Yes, they ladeled the Tequila from the barrel to the sniffer for us. If you ever have the chance to sip this Tequila...let's just say it's a treat. Only special folks get to go in this room like heads of state and so forth. Yet, I was able to not only go there and sit with a nice tequila and sip on it, I was also allowed to sign my name on a barrel.

The above three pictures are another late night spot around my friends club. Needless to say that the food was delicious. They did this odd thing with these tacos, they melted the cheese on the grill and threw the meat on the cheese then they just let it cook there and threw it on the tortilla. Interesting way of doing it...I tend to see them throw the cheese on the tortilla first.


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