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Friday, May 12, 2006

Pinky and The Rooster Eat Mexican



As most of you know when Pinky is in town life is grand for me. And as luck would have it, Pinky managed to make it out to the NYC for two whole days...yes! So the two big topics for Pinky on this trip were food and of course food. So it would be a great two days of eating.

It’s Wednesday night and Pinky is in the mood for Mexican food and nothing could make me happier. If you don’t know, Pinky loves Mexican food almost as much as I do. So she wants to eat some place she hasn’t eaten at. I still try to run through the list of the regular spots and none of them appeal to her, and she makes a point to remind me she wants to try something new. We hit citysearch and run through the list. There are so many but I’m starting to realize that I have eaten at most of the Mexican joints in the city. We finally decide on El Maguey y La Tuna which is located at 321 E. Houston St. I’m excited because Pinky hasn’t been here, but I have some time ago and the food was REALLY GOOD (but E. Houston is rather far from the pad). And I do not lie when it comes to Mexican food because that would be a cultural sin. So let me just tell you that the food is DELICIOUS!! If there is one thing that The Rooster knows in life its Mexican food and this is the REAL DEAL.

Of course I went with the Enchiladas Verdes or Geen Enchiladas. I wanted to go with the Carnitas which was the special of the day. But truth be told, if you have visited this site before you know that Pinky tends to order new plates that are a bit more risky and I tend to order a safe plate in case she doesn’t like her plate so we can switch. So Pink was of course the one challenging her palate and she ordered Cactus Burrito.

First, let me state that the service here was great. The waitresses were very helpful and always checking in here and there to make sure our water was full and to make sure we had salsa. If there was one complaint I had it was that the chips were a bit cold. A heat lamp is in order for their chips. The ambiance isn’t much to be honest, it might be a bit dark in the place, but the food well makes up for what the place is missing in décor. If anything, it has a very home feeling (yes, they have plastic that covers the table).

Our food was plated and served quickly. It must have been like five minutes of waiting max. If there was one downer is that they didn’t give me a lot of beans and rice. Also, the chicken inside the enchiladas was a bit dry and lacked flavor. Yet, it did get caught up with the enchilada sauce so that made up for it.

As for Pinky’s plate. They did the most awesome thing that we do back at home, they brought the burrito wet. Which basically means they put a layer of Enchilada sauce on it with melted was awesome. I guess one bad thing is they included black beans in the burrito which is common here in NYC. Next time she will have to ask for pinto beans which they do have.

In closing, I highly recommend everyone visit and if you need any more proof if this place is legit, just look here: Enjoy the good eats and lift una Tequila to El Gallo for helping you find the spot. Check back soon The Rooster and Pinky Search for the best Pizza in NYC.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Yeah okay the chips were cold. But did they make them?

It's always a thrill when you've just sat yourself down, dreaming of all the goodies. Then, the chips are dropped off and they're made onsite. Kinda sets the mood for the evening.
One of my favorite places unfortunately has NASTY boxed chips. It was odd too, cause I asked why they didn't make their own. The woman looked at me like I was nuts. WHAT? Make your own???


3:13 PM

Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Heehee...the did make them, but if they sit cold...for some reason the greese taste comes out in them a lot more as opposed to when they are heated...but that is just my take.

7:13 AM

Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

Mmmmm, enchiladas.

3:02 PM


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