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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pinky and The Rooster Visit Highline Thai Restaurant

Pinky was in town a few weeks ago so I decided to treat her to a night on the town. Sure as I explained before I always have something neat planned for my favorite Desi in the whole wide world, but this time I wanted to treat her to a new environment. I felt we had done the UWS way too much so I decided to take it downtown…better stated, the Meatpacking District.

For starters we headed to Highline Thai Restaurant. A not-so-new place in the Meatpacking district. I know, I know, but Joaquin, I thought you hated those people who took the grit out of NYC. Well said my one reader (thanks for reading, Mom). But the truth is that there is a lot of activity and Pinky was dressed up cute with her bright colored hip Indian shirt. What’s a boy to do when confronted by a beautiful Indian girl…I digress. Not to mention, that Pinky loved the girly show, “Sex and The City” so I figured she should see where Samantha moved.

Upon our arrival we ran into the smokers who were trolling on the outside of the restaurant. Yes, there is no smoking on the inside of NYC eating or drinking establishments anymore; which I’m happy about. Yet, I do think it’s killed some of the night life, but that is neither here nor there because the law is in order and some places follow it while others don’t. What I do enjoy about this law is watching people freeze their ass off for a cigarette in the NYC cold.

So we are in the place and we get seated within five minutes of our arrival and I’m happy at the prompt service with no reservations. We sit and I take note how loud the music is. So loud, that the girls from Jersey sitting next to us find it necessary to yell about their topic of choice, DICK. They are Jersey girls, what do you expect them to talk about. I digress.

The set up was simple but very chic. Everyone seemed to be there with friends and holding court about everything from fashion to who dumped who. I did notice a bigger guy at my right who was wearing light sunglasses, but he looked like a big Asian Mob Boss with the big watch. Then I looked at him more closely and no hair was out of place and I put him as the gay category. This was especially the case when he yelled, "bitch" at his girlfriend he was having dinner with and they both started to laugh uncontrollably.

So Pinky and I go over the list and she decides on a great appetizer. Calamari with glass noodles and a spicy lemon sauce to go with it. I really liked this dish and it could have been a meal in itself to be honest. It was a perfect start to what would become a great dinner.

We then had two dishes for the main course. Pinky tends to get to pick both because as I’ve mentioned, she gets excited about trying new dishes and she tends not to like one over the other. We laugh and fight over the order and she decides on Shrimp in Green Curry and Shrimp Hot Pot (basically shrimp cooked in a small iron cast pot with Vegetables and noodles).

The food was delicious. It didn’t take long for our order to arrive and it was nice and hot (which is how I like my food) and very tasty. It was rather funny because my plate which ended up being the Shrimp Hot Pot was served with bigger shrimp. Although it was my take that the Shrimp cooked in Green Curry had a bit more flavor to it, I could tell that Pinky was rather perplexed about which plate she wanted more. The bigger shrimp on my plate were too temping for her to pass-up so she took a few and dipped them in her very tasty spicy curry sauce. I thought it was a good move by Pinky. Nothing wrong with mixing and matching when you eat as long as the flavors work.

I would have really enjoyed having a drink at the bar post dinner but the music was so loud that it started to hurt a bit to be honest. Yet, I did really enjoy everything about the environment to the service. I felt the service was really good and the servers were there to please. All and all a good experience and I think that Pinky gave the experience and 8 while I have it a high 8+. Maybe we will try this place again sometime before the music gets loud which I hear is during lunch time. Who knows, maybe with out such loud music I will give it a nine. But could it be the music was loud or that I’m getting old?

Stay tuned for the next adventure of Pinky and The Rooster do NYC Food.


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