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Thursday, March 31, 2005

This Weekend

There is so much to write today. I am really behind on my foodie blog so I will have to get caught up over the next couple of days. I guess I just wanted to inform all of my readers or as we say in Spanish, Mi Publico…haha! I always thought that sounded rather arrogant when Mexican stars would say that. In any case, stop the presses for this one because this one is going to blow your mind. We are having a foodie party at The Generals place this weekend.

So if you want to come just drop me a note saying, yo, I want some good Mexican food. I will make sure and make some extra food for you. I think that the menu will read as follows:

Enchiladas de Pollo o Queso (chicken or cheese)
Arroz de Mom (my grandmother’s Mexican rice)
Frijoles de Rosie (my mother’s recipe for beans is da’ bomb)
Gucamole de El General (this is The General’s version of Guacamole mine is a bore)
Tacos de Joaquin (Fish tacos that our my specialty but that I have not mastered)
Cerveza Mexicana (beer and lots of it)

I hope that maybe you can stop by for a plate and some laughs. We will be heading to the Auto Show after so that should be cool. Yeah, see cars in NYC because we can’t drive here…make NYC sense to me. We do live in our own little reality don’t we.

In closing, hope all of you are having great food.


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