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Friday, March 11, 2005

Best of NYC

Since I promised to write in my Food Blog more this is something that I thought would be fun to write about. Top 10 things I love to eat in NYC and sometimes a reason why. Not ranked, just came to head that way.

1. Nothing beat Korean food at 4:00 am in K-Town with The General Lee drunk off our asses. Korean food is like good Menudo when hung over…sticks to your stomach and helps soak up alcohol.
2. My Little Mexican place on 104th E. Side. I think the name is El Paso or San Antonio Taquiria. Good food.
3. My Little Mexican place on the Amesterdam and 107th…good enchiladas verdes and white pozole.
4. Dinner with Anita (when she is in town) at The Heights. Throw back to days at Columbia and just a lot of remember when stories of friends…good times.
5. TabTos, still a jewel in the city that hasn’t been found. Yuki (the owner and head sushi chef) is a great guy. I feel he’s fallen off in terms of crazy creations, but good straight sushi and a great price.
6. Brother Jimmy’s. I love this place and their ribs. Not to mention they have a Sunday special all you can eat ribs and all you can drink for 20.00 bones.
7. Kornets Pizza. Just been on the list for so many years how I can I take it off now. Best priced pizza in the city and best value hands down.
8. Indian Café/Roti Roll. I love the new extension of Indian Café which is Roti Roll…and I don’t care what any Indian says…Indian Café is the real deal.
9. China Town Food. Nuff said…but I like my favorite place, Dim Sum Go-Go and also Great New York Noodle Factory. I like my favorite place next to OTB…go figure. But very neighborhood place with all the uncles going there for their tea during and in between horse races.
10. Cart Vendors Spicy Hot Dogs. These things are the best and I still eat them.


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