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Friday, October 01, 2004


No this isn't something about those damn annoying emails one gets, this is a food blog and with that said this is about food.

I mentioned that I grew up around people that loved to cook. My family takes emense pride in anything they put on the table, even if it's something like Spam. I always found it odd how people despised Spam when I loved it so much. Not to mention that it was always in plenty supply growing up. I just found that gewy stuff that surrounds it to be....well neat. I once heard that Spam is the best selling food on the reservations of America.

In some ways I feel that you can determine someone's economic upbringing by how many different dishes they could make with spam. For instance, in my house there was always Spam with eggs early morning with a side of beans...ummmm!!! Then there was Spam sandwiches for know, some cooked Spam with manoyase between two ends of a loaf of bread. Some would call that ghetto fabulous...myself, I call it good grub. So there were all these dishes that one could make with Spam (many of which I have tried) should try a few of these yourself.

To be honest, growing up I didn't even know that Spam was a poor man's food. Serious, it wasn't until college that people laughed at the fact that I loved imitation meat so much. I don't know about you, but sometimes college can be a setback in many ways. Myself, I'm still a promoter of the stuff and one day I will make the Austin, Texas - Annual Spam Fest...this I promise.

Not sure why Spam came to mind. Maybe because I was writing about family and food...Spam was one of the first dishes I learned to make back home.

In closing, many of you haven't even tried Spam or are too much of the petty-bourguise to taste the stuff. I say, "don't be such a dork" and roll up those sleeves and let that stuff fall out of the can with that suction noise that only Spam can provide when coming out of the can...good eats and I give it two thumbs up.


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