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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back to the kitchen

It has been some time since I have taken the time to cook. Some of it had to do with the fact that I just didn’t have time…or for that matter make time. Yet, John “The General” Lee has been pushing me a bit to get back in there. Although he may not know this, his little nudges have helped me. For instance, when at Evelin’s x-mas tree decorating party I was in the kitchen with Marissa. It was fun and cooking with Marissa and being under the gun was an adrenaline rush. On a side note, Marissa reminds me of the redhead in Desperate Housewives. The General went on to mention that we have to throw a dinner party soon where we both cook.

In any case, The Generals’ always looking for Mexican places and even goes to this church on 14th St. to eat. It might sound odd, but I have been and the food is really good!! In any case, I have wanted to get back into the kitchen because there is a place for the common homemade meal here in NYC. So I went and bought some starter things to get some pasta with sauce going. I know, I know, not a hard meal to make, but it’s a start and I’m at that point now where I’m trying to master my sauce. So that was the first meal back and I have my week planned out already. By the way, my sauce missed this time but it was damn close to where I wanted it to be.

1. Hit the farmers market this weekend to pick up some fresh produce. Not sure what I’m going to get but I see these huge lines for fresh eggs so I will probably hit that.
2. Gather up some chiles to make salsa with. I will probably try to perfect one salsa and try a new one. The one salsa that my mother taught me to make (who she learned from her mother and she learned from my great grandmother) tends to vary too much so I’m going to try and perfect it. Side note, both of my grandma and great-grandma are still alive. Second chile will be green with onion, parsley and avocado…will see how that one turns out.
3. I’m also going to play with some diff. sauces for my enchiladas. I’m tired of the old sauces I make so I have some new one’s that my folks passed me and I hope that those work out well.

O.K. I will keep you all posted on how things are coming along. I cleaned the kitchen and moved some things around in hopes that it would help me get where I wanted with the cooking assignment at task.

In closing, may all your meals be fun and tasty.


Blogger drbiggles said...

Okay, I'm ready. Send food & recipes, I'm here and hungry.


Need new recipes for salsas please.

Biggles /

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