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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

I know, I know, I haven’t been paying attention to My Little Food Blog for some time now. I guess there has been going on in Joaquin’s food world so I should blog about it.

First, the General and I are going to a foodie event this weekend ( We are rather excited to see how this event transpires since we have been reading about these events for some time. In any case, the only problem I see is that The General is going for the high end wine. It sucks having a friend who is not only into good food, but also good wine. I guess they have two diff. levels in terms of wine lists. I think this is a great format, but it leaves the poor souls such as me going for the bottom shelf stuff…haha! No, it’s all good wine but I hear the higher priced wines are like 200.00 for a bottle and they’re having 4 different ones served plus food…great deal. I’m just trying to save my pennies for the WSOP (go to poker blog for details) Some will say that they (great food and great wine) go hand and hand, but once you are addicted to good wine there is no turning back…thus, low-end for the kid.

Second, I have finally found the perfect receipt to my pasta sauce. It’s taken about 10 times trying new formulas, but I have a winner. Yes, I can now try some new types of food. Imagine making huge tubs of red sauce over the past two months to get it perfect…I can’t eat red sauce for a while. On that note, the reason that I really enjoy watching Lydia’s kitchen on t.v. and even her books is because she tends to make all things spicy. Being Mexican one can only imagine how spicy my sauce is. But the flavor is great and something that I really enjoy. I still need to get a food meal to grind down my tomatoes…maybe I will try and pick one up this week to see how much it changes the texture of the sauce. At this point in time I just crush via the old mano.

Third, along with throwing down on the sauce I have been working on my guacamole. I know, I know, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. It’s not, but what I have been finding is that I enjoy a lot more condiments such as onions and such in my guacamole. At first I just use to pepper those things in there…nothing too much. Now I feel with the more you put in there the more texture your guacamole gets. Thus, I’m putting more and more in there as time goes on. We will see where I end up with this. But I have found that eating too much guacamole over a week can kill you. Just too heavy for my stomach and to think that I didn’t like guacamole growing up.

In closing, wish me well on my event this coming week and I will make sure and get back to you with a full report. Sorry for the delays in the entries but I will get better over this coming year. Cheers!


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