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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mom's Chile Verde....CHURCH!

Here is a picture of my folks and the people who taught me how to cook. I'm not sure who is a better cook between the two but I would say they both have their specials. But I went home and they pulled out all the stops for me. This was my first meal when I got home: Chile Verde a la Rosie.

This first picture is of the Chile Verde that my Mommy makes. When I come home there is one meal that I want and this is it. Just looking at this picture conjures up memories of my childhood. Without a doubt the one plate that nobody in my family can touch. My Daddy has a great hand when it comes to cooking but he knows that my Mommy's Chile Verde is Da Bomb! Funny thing is that I did all the prep for this dish and right away my Dad said, Joaquin, you cut the meat didn't you? I was like, sure did Papa...I got the vibe that my Daddy didn't like the way I cut the meat. My Mom quickly said, told you the chunks were too small. Now tell me if that isn't two people who know one another's cooking.

Snap! The key to a good Chile Verde in my opinion is the rice. Serious, the rice has to be bangin for the Chile Verde's taste to surface. It isn't so much a thing where the rice is a is more a part of the main dish. Esp. when the Chile Verde's sauce mixes with the rice...snap, that in itself is a meal.

I can't tell you how old this pot is. Serious, we have been cooking beans in this thing since I can remember. And till this day it is just the right amount of beans to last two days. Sometimes we eat them right out of the pot like this. I like to combine it with my Mom's rice and it is a meal inself with some chile and a tortilla...yummy.

This is what a Mexican Dinner looks like at my home. And it taste better in person to be honest with you. I can't tell you enough how this is my favorite meal that my Mom makes. I mean I love her tamales and all but this is the day in and day out meal that lets me know I'm home.

This is what a Mexican breakfast looks like at our home. Take note of the beans, they were above in the Hoya now they are mushed up and done refried style. I tell you this in the morning can cure any hangover and the smell just brings a smile to my face when I'm home.

In closing, mommy y papi gracias a dios y uds. por este gran comida que siempre me espera cuando llego a casa. Un abrazo, tu mijo, Joaquin Manuel Ochoa


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