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Monday, June 11, 2007

Food With The Baby

Above is a picture of my little cousin, Sarah (AKA The Baby) who was in town for the week a few weeks back and so these are some pictures of the food we shared together in the city. If you are looking for other times we had in the city you can go HERE

This is a salad we had at a new pizza/pasta joint that opened in the city. The food was good and the service was also good. I forget the name of the place but it has gotten good reviews and it should be around for a long while.

The second picture is from the actual PeanutButter Company flagship store. What can is say, we were hungry and we thought a P&J would hit the spot. It was good and something different that you don't find everywhere.

If in NYC you have to eat Lombardi's. Nuff said. I do really like the pizza here and I would have to vote it like probably top 3 easy.

At my favorite dive bar, Night Cafe they have Doodles. I guess they are like cheetoes or something. I really liked them and The Baby loved them.

The last picture is of a fridge of prime aged steaks. The Baby mentioned that her Father loved steaks so we took a picture for him. Looks good, no?


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no rocky balboa poses in that meat locker??

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