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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Freeman's Restaurant

The best part of having a food blog is that you get people reading from around the city who just love food. Or sometimes you get people outside the city who just love food. Either way, when you love food you are always in search of a new place to push your palate and such. With that being said, some of the people you meet via food are just much more interesting and have a more complex palate than yourself and it’s great to compare notes with them about places.

Where am I going with this? Well I wanted to invite you to submit little pieces of a place you ate at and I will post it here as a guest writer. My friend Rudy wrote me a bit about a place we had been talking about trying. Since Rudy beat me to the punch and went to dinner there before me, well I decided to post her re-cap.

I must let you know, I just sprung this on Rudy, so she didn’t have time to re-write this and post a long post on it. I’m just cutting and pasting it from my email. She was kind enough to agree to let me post. I’m sure she could have written a lot more, but what she wrote was suffice if I may say so myself. Thus enjoy the post and if you want to submit something as a guest writer please let me know.

“Went to Freeman's Restaurant last night. The atmosphere was amazing, it was a dark and rainy night............We made our way through a narrow cobblestone alley and at the end were two huge oak doors open into a rustic restaurant. There is a bar on the left and simple tables in a fairly small space. The walls are hung with stuffed trophy heads of wild boar, geese, elk, grouse and the like. The service was ok. We had a couple of appetizers, crab salad on toast and the artichoke spread which is a big portion and would be great to get if you were sitting at the bar) We both had the filet mignon, rare, which was perfectly cooked and tender and served with a horseradish sauce that cleared my sinuses. The wine list was very good although the wines by the glass yielded a very short pour, looked like maybe 4 ounces, so better to get a bottle. This is a great place to take someone special, very romantic in a Hemmingway style.”

So there you have it people. Not sure what type of rating on a scale from one to ten Rudy gives the place. Yet, I can tell you that she has been to some of the best places in the city so a positive review doesn’t come easy.


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